Integrated Musicianship: Aural Skills

Integrated Musicianship: Aural Skills is an open-source, interactive, online textbook for college-level music courses written by Miranda Wilson. A companion text Integrated Musicianship: Theory provides a parallel music theory course. It was developed with support of the Think Open Fellowship and Evan Williamson from the University of Idaho Library.

The textbook is designed to maximize flexibility and support an inquiry-based model of instruction. For a simple explanation of this model as well as how to best utilize this textbook’s structure, please view About this textbook.

If you are already familiar with the inquiry-based model, you can begin exploring the textbook using the side bar navigation or by browsing the Table of contents.

Integrated Musicianship makes use of abcjs to present interactive musical examples throughout the text. Checkout the ABC Tutorial to get started with ABC Notation. Note: the full functionality of abcjs works best on up-to-date Chrome or Firefox browsers.

If you have questions about this textbook or curriculum, please feel free to contact Miranda Wilson